Half marathon #6

July 4, 2012

And so, being at the half way point of the 12 marathons for 2012 goal, you would think they would be getting easier, with an improved PR. But I guess I'm learning its about more than improving my PR and completing the races. It is about testing myself through some of the toughest elements and learning along the way.

This past weekend I ran in a small half marathon in Columbia Station. Chosing it because of its nearby location to  complete another of my 12 in 2012. There were about 30 runners and 30 or less inline skaters at the start, and while I'm sure the inline skaters finished, I'm curious to how many of the runners did?

I was not looking for a PR, especially since just coming off an injury, but I never imagined how difficult the run could be. I never realized just how much the sun and heat could wear you down. There were many points in the race where I was near tears, just wondering how I was going to finish this as the miles slowly dragged by. It was by far the longest half marathon I have EVER run! There were no breaks from the sun as it pounded down on you as the heat increased rapidly as the morning went on.

I remember at one point seeing the next mile marker in the distance and thinking "if that is only mile 8, I think I will cry."  Luckily it was mile 9, but I still felt like crying!

When I crossed the finish at 2:33 I was actually shocked at my time. I really thought it would have been worse since I walked MORE than I have ever walked in any half marathon I have run to date! So on the bright side, my running time was probably better than I had realized it to be. But the defeat I still felt from not being able to run the entire race, from just how hard the race was for me had me crying the entire way home.

And while I've learned I probably won't do another summer half marathon, I'm anxious to get back out there and train for my next race...



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