Graduation plans

July 13, 2008

So far so good ... I have to make a few changes, so tomorrow I will call the rental company.  After an insightful conversation with Trish I made some changes in how I was going to set things up around here and feel a lot better... thanks Trish!

  • I finished most of the favors the day Rose and I got together to make them, but I did order a few more pictures just so I have some extra's that I'll make this week.
  • Bubbles... done
  • Poster for everyone to sign... done
  • meet with caterer... Monday night
  • clean out garage... done
  • finish turn around... almost done???
  • Poison Ivy clear up....almost...maybe... hopefully!

This week will be spent doing those last minute details that need to get done.  Like finishing the I hope carousel and getting balloons and flowers.  Of course I'll be making a list (like my sister told me) of what else I need to get done.

Progression of the turn around...

IMG_3829 13

First I had to keep driving on it where I wanted it to go.  Then he added a weed killer to help kill the grass in that area.

40 ton of gravel arrives...

20 21

Last night we went to another graduation party for Joel's cousins son.  We had a great time... it is always so much fun visiting with his aunt, uncle and cousins.  You know that laughing until your stomach hurts!  Yep, that's what we did!

While there Joel's mom reminded us of who their neighbor was. She was the aid in Ryan's preschool class at Sharon Elementary. She too was at the party and Joel and I spent some time talking with her.  I could instantly see the pain on her face as we shared with her who we were.  Like she was taken back 15+ years to those days at the preschool.  We introduced Chelsea who was 3 when Ryan was in the preschool and she shared how she was so glad when heard my name called when I won the home makeover on Q104 radio station and got tears in her eyes.

The rest of the night I could see she was reflecting on those days at the preschool  and sharing the stories with others.  I guess you really don't realize how your pain can affect people all around you... even years later. It was a nice evening and I'm so glad we got to see her!


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