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December 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen....


I know this usually comes after Christmas, but I've been thinking a lot more about this recently....

In November we went to dinner for my brother in laws birthday.  During that dinner he talked about a couple resolutions he has which are donating an hour of his time a month, reading 3 books in the year and continuing his workout schedule.

Isn't it those things that we do for others, do to make this world a better place to live and do for our own mind, body and spirit, the things that make us better people!

His thoughts inspired me to come up with my own list of goals and resolutions and here are just a few that I began thinking about:

  1. continue working on reducing debt 
  2. find my word for the year and live by it
  3. make more gifts
  4. organize my house and time (break into smaller tasks at later date)
  5. Using recyclable bags when shopping
  6. Continue training for half marathon.  Longest run to date 6.5 miles
  7. run 5 k and half marathon
  8. Finding different places to donate my time
  9. Continue my reading I still want to aim for 50 or more books a year
  10. viewing life in a positive light
  11. pay it forward whenever possible
  12. continue with a photo project for the year Project 365 or something similar
  13. journal and write more (from every day to details, memories to thankful moments)

just to name a few...  have you thought about your list?

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