Glad its over!

March 24, 2009

Yesterday was a day I was dreading for a long time.  It actually began over a year ago when I started having problems with a tooth.  I had already gone through a root canal and had a crown put on this tooth and it started bothering me again.  

After going to my dentist he said the tooth was infected and had to be pulled!  Well, then it seemed the tooth quit bothering me, for almost a year the tooth didn't bother me.  Until recently when it started again.  I knew this time I had to get it out!

I dreaded going to the dentist and was sick to my stomach until after I left the appointment.  Finally the tooth was removed and prepped for a bridge.  But of course it wasn't easy... I guess I did put it off too long and by the time he got the tooth out I also needed stitches!  I'm still sore but I'm so glad it is over!

Now the rest of the week is fun family stuff in between work.  I can handle that!

This weekend Chelsea and I are going to a 90 day fitness challenge in the afternoon, run by Phil and Amy from the Biggest Loser, and then I'm heading to another crop with Trish and the girls, which I'm looking forward to!

I've been working away with my kit this month for Work in Progress and having a blast!  I completed several layouts already and still have more ideas!  Those should be up in the Work in Progress gallery some time next week.

I also have been working on some Easter projects.  I got these styrofoam eggs and decided to use some of my many jars of flowers to decorate!


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