Giving up control...

September 3, 2009


I love blogs and reading them and learning new things as I feel that is how we grow through life; through experience and common experiences with other's. 

It was just Tuesday that I had a day of appreciation and thoughts of darn it, why don't I have my camera right now. 

  • When I was on my way to goodwill there was a pond with a bunch of Canadian Geese around it and one white Goose... perfect picture and a reminder of the beauty of nature
  • On my way home last night as the sun was setting and the orange sky contrasted against the trees around me, it was a site to behold and even though I didn't have my camera (again), although I don't believe I could have captured this beauty on my camera.
  •  And this time of year I often see a flock of birds that all fly up together and sway back and forth until settling in a new area, such beauty I wish I could capture with my camera, but just writing it down here will help me capture that memory in my mind and appreciate it.

And so when I spent my morning blog hop and came across Lee's blog and this post it spoke to me!  After reading here I followed the link from her blog to here where I found more inspiration and realized I had this authors book and need to get it back out and start reading again!

Here is a bit of Lee's post that spoke to me...

I believe the key to a smooth, and somewhat graceful, mid-life transition is twofold: adjust your attitude to one of acceptance and embrace what you cannot change; and, treat yourself with kindness, generosity even.

What does this mean? Simply it means you have to give up control. Control over perceptions. Control over reactions. Control over anything you have no control over! Sounds very simple but it was the hardest thing I've ever done, well, except quit smoking, that was really hard.

I am responsible for my actions, even my inaction. Not for the reaction to it. For that, the one reacting is responsible. Once you embrace that you can control only that which you can control you can take the first step toward a content existence. That is what I want. Content.

Authentic. Mindful. Purposeful. Content.

People who think badly of you want to. There is absolutely nothing you can do to convince them otherwise. Some more open-minded types will see your actions and might change their mind or they may become more steadfast in their opinion. But really, does it matter? Why bother? Choose to be with people who want to be with you.

I'm always looking for ways to be a better person.  I think thats what life does to us, even when it's not the greatest, there is something you are supposed to be learning, so pay attention...


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