gifts with no made in China

January 17, 2012

Recently we celebrated our Treasured Friends Christmas. Sometimes I have my gift for the exchange  ready before Christmas, and sometimes its something I pick up after Christmas. This year I did a little of both... but when shopping I realized I couldn't add anything made in China, so I had to be a little more specific in my search.


This year I did a wine basket with wine from a local winery, wine charms made by a local artist and I even found a basket made in the Philippines.

For a friends 50th I picked him up 50 of his favorite beers and then found a rubber tote to hold them all.  While walking through the store I realized I didn't check where it was from.  Luckily, it was from Israel.


So far my No made in China has proved to be eye opening, but not impossible if I just pay attention to what I buy. Good thing the dog doesn't realize I had a toy for him until I read the label and yep, it was made in China...


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