Get lost

September 12, 2014

I did it! I found a quiet place in the library to get lost!

It was wonderful, something I needed today and I can't help but wonder why I haven't thought of it before? Enveloped by the very thing that I love.... BOOKS. Publications of all shapes and sizes, fiction and non, information overload and yet so tranquil!


There are no noises in the library, in fact you almost feel as if you are alone except for the rare whisper, muffled cough off in the distance, or the faint clicks of computer keys that seem to blend in. Such a wonderful, comfortable place to unwind and find your center again...

I really needed this today, a place to get lost, if only for a bit, introspectively and sensibly. Alone, but yet not alone, surrounded by books, distant from the afflictions of life, away from the apprehensions and frustrations, with a silenced cell phone tucked away neatly in my purse. A sojourn to  help replenish my imagination and energize the soul.


Why yes, you two can find that brand of nirvana at your local library. The place where no currency is needed but the value is priceless. With the time I had available to dedicate to the section labeled 808.042, I walked off with a handful of equitable material. With books in hand I went to discover that quiet place I had imagined in my mind, get cozy and get lost...


The perfect perscription to help mend an overactive life...



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