Fun night out and Indians win!

October 14, 2007

We had a good time at the reunion and it was so nice to see everyone. Although there were a lot of people I still didn't know. It's funny how people look at you and remember you by your maiden name and yet you almost forgot about that person because for the past 23 years I'm known as Mrs. and Mom. Even Zach questioned my name tag of why it said both names on it.


Seeing everyone was fun and flattering with all the compliments and laughter of old times. We tried to gather as many of us girls that were in the COE class together for a picture.

Linda, Kathy, Sue, myself and Lisa were all in IOE and COE together. Inner office education and cooperative office education.

Lisa and I have been trying to plan a night out with our hubby's for over a year now. So this we considered our night out together.

And then to come home and getting to see the Indians win the 2nd game in Boston! Just an awesome way to end the evening.


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