June 2, 2014

Ahh yes, I am blessed with many friends and here is another of my friends that has been there for me through everything!

"To see yourself through the eyes of a friend is to know how special you really are"


My girlfriend Val has been my life consultant for years now... whatever life throws at me, she is always there to lift me up, whether with spot on observation, biblical verse or humor, she gets me every time.

How God puts these people in my life is both priceless and precious. First meeting because of going to a scrapbooking store, though she barely remembers me there. Our friendship has grown through many stages of our life. She too knows the struggle of a parent with dementia, and is a positive influence in my journey.


We celebrate each others birthdays like girlfriends do, usually a lunch date, and gifts for one another. Although usually the celebration falls months away from the actual birthday. he he

Did I mention her humor? It is the best! A quick wit that will snap you out of any woe you might be facing with laughter you didn't know possible. Day or night I know I can call and she is always there for me and I am forever grateful for our friendship!


I would hope that everyone in this world would be as lucky as me to have a friend like Val, but I just don't think they make too many like her... she's one of a kind!


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