Friday love - Week 6

February 15, 2019

For the love of Friday

Friday Love - Week 6


There is always something magical about Friday.  The end of the week, the beginning of the weekend, a time for late night plans and an opportunity to slow down.  I love my Friday's...

  1. The only woman in the room - I love when a book grabs you from the first page, and this is one of them, not even half way finished and I LOVE this book!
  2. Paying it forward for Ryan - I decided to pay it forward every month on the 7th! It brings so much love to the day <3
  3. Running outdoors - had one opportunity this week and it wasn't even that warm, but the roads were clear enough
  4. Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes - After Whole 30, I have continued with a mostly no sugar meal plan. But this sweet treat came my way for Valentine's Day
  5. Making summer vacation plans - I love planning for summer, whether its a weekend away or a special anniversary trip, I believe half the fun is the planning and anticipation of the time away.
  6. My new Eufy scale - yes, I love a scale, because it tracks with my apple health
  7. One minute with God - a year long devotional journal
  8. A night out with poppy and Norah
  9. Jesus calling
  10. Extra layers to keep warm <3



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