July 10, 2010

On Friday morning we had breakfast reservations at the castle in the country of Norway in Epcot. We had a great time and a great breakfast, and while it was about the Princesses of Disney, we were more entertained by our waitress.  In all the countries of Epcot the people that work their come from that country.  So we were educated by our adorable waitress of some interesting things about Norway, about how her friend had told her this would be a great experience for her and that they each get a year to work here.


She was a little thrown when I asked for egg beaters, as she didn't know what they were.  Which brought up the topic of all the other things she's learned while here in Disney and the US.  She rooms with a girl from Italy and China and she shared that the Chinese girl does all the cleaning (lol)


 Since the rest of the countries wouldn't be open for a couple more hours we started to make our way through Epcot.  We went to the coca cola's of the world where you can try Coke from different countries...

some of them didn't taste to bad... others? well look at Zach's face

  So much more in Epcot we enjoyed this time!


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