Four years later

August 20, 2017

Brain Struggles

Some day’s time dissolves into nothingness as the pieces I once identified with slip through my fingers. The familiar fades in the distance and I examine the world for something recognizable.

I know every journey is different and that path is covered in a haze of unknown. The mystery of life unfolds so slowly, revealing meaning through love and challenge, heartache and joy, all furnishing an arsenal of mystery to be untangled.

Often, it is through these circumstances where we uncover our truth and identify the role of not only, ourselves, but of those around us.

Four years have passed since they discovered and removed the tumor from Debs brain and in those four years, I have been blessed to witness the selfless ways of many unsung hero’s as well as saddened to see those who stepped away.

Within all the heartache seeps the ugliness of envy and I struggle to push it away. Longing for the moments of before when our days were simpler, and wishes came true. Seeking opportunity to appreciate the abundance of the past as the days unfolded seamlessly.

We cannot change the hand we are dealt but instead pursue the good to be revealed. Despair reaches us all, eventually; and our direction in life will transform, guiding a new course towards those who need us.

These four years have revealed defining moments to expose my truth within the heartache. As I brush away the ocean of tears and stand against the tide, a new way of living is revealed.

In the meantime, Deb and I have built a new relationship foraged from the old and while she may not remember all of it, I will. I will remember her laughter when I did something silly, or when she hugs me exclaiming I am the best sister. Her only sister I know, but the best non the less.

Her life before the tumor was always about being there for others and is unable to comprehend why she does not see those friends, missing those pieces of friendship. And although she cannot drive, she welcomes visitors anytime, providing an opportunity to reclaim a bit of her past with time and laughter.

Sometimes the happy endings aren’t paved in perfection, perhaps they are discovered as life unfolds exposing a greater purpose, even when it is difficult to understand.


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  • August 21, 2017 @ 7:06 PM EDT
    By Inspirational Life Coach Debbie Kemp
    Love this article!
  • August 20, 2017 @ 1:11 PM EDT
    By Beverly McComb-Davies
    Love and prayers, Tina, for you and yours.

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