Finding my creative side

November 4, 2012

In the midst of all my running and taking care of family, I feel I've lost my creative side. I have not scrapbooked or journaled in months and I am beginning to feel empty without it. 

the view during a recent run

to help me out of my slump I decided to sign up for a couple art journal classes. One I found at one of my favorite blogs where I've recently started spending more time at.

Balzer Designs
The other is my upcoming get away at the Bertram Inn for a weekend of friendship, food, therapy and oh yeah... scrapbooking! I'm hoping these things amongst other plans in the works help me find my way back to being more creative, a better blogger and a better writer...
While working on these areas of my life, I also want to spend some time thinking about goals for next year and ways to challenge myself, besides for the usual running goals (which I will definetly still have). I want more things that will help me grow as a person and learn more about who I am along the way.  Yep, still trying to figure that out too...
So as suggested by my cousin, I think 2013 will consist of many 30 day challenges, some simultaneous and some on their own. Some for my mind, some for my body and definitely some for the soul!!!


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