Finding fitness at forty something

July 15, 2011

Fitness Friday

   A running tale...

Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

     Running a marathon is something I always thought you would do when you were younger, but the longer I run and the more races I attend I'm finding that running is a sport for everyone, for every age.  Running remains to be a challenge to myself, with each race being a test of how I've improved, and a time to beat.  


     But along the way the fitness comes in, especially since just running doesn't make you fit.  At first it was about adding weights and different cardio in.  But over time I'm learning your fuel is a huge part of fitness too.  Filling yourself with the right foods is just as important as the training you do before a race for better fitness and weight loss.

     Last Sunday I ran 12 miles... it was my longest run since I began my marathon training and I was looking forward to it.  I went to the park where the weather was perfect, took my ipod, water bottle and I was off.  The first couple miles were awesome, I felt good and was ready for the miles ahead.  Soon after reaching mile 8 I began slowing down.  I was getting frustrated because I didn't have the power to run like I had in previous runs?  I was down to little water which I had to ration for the rest of my run and feeling worse every step of the way.  I could envision the grocery store up the road and heading in for my water as soon as I got back to my car.


     By the time I finished my run and reached my car I was walking and not even fast.  I couldn't believe how bad I felt and I was on the verge of tears in pain?  What happened?  I've run half marathons before and never felt this bad?  I got to the store and picked up some water and blueberries for the ride home. I took a couple motrin and drove home.  But even after refueling I still felt horrible and was still in pain?  I got home and showered but I still wasn't right?  Finally deciding maybe it was a bladder infection I headed to the store for some temporary relief, and within a few hours I was doing better.

     The next day I got to the doctors and it was confirmed.  I don't know if it was the combination of the hard run, little water and the heat outside that contributed or if it was something just made worse after my run?  Either way I can only hope I learn to trust my body and realize when I've pushed too far or when to push myself further.

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