Finally getting some yard work done

June 8, 2008

Today we were all up and going early.  Zach's over a friends, Chelsea had to work at Panera and I was cleaning the clubhouse for Lisa and Joel... he always has a list a mile long of things to do.  He first drove out to the rental property to take them a lawn mower since the one there wasn't working.  Only to find after driving there something must have loosened on the one he was taking and it wouldn't work.  So with no tools with him he had to drive back home and with so many things to get done he wasn't too happy about it!

Once he got home we began working with the 6 yards of mulch I had delivered on Saturday, and even though I knew I would need more, I thought it would go farther than it did.  But at least we got some of the beds done.  I don't feel AS stressed as I have over the past few weeks about getting everything done?

IMG_3272 IMG_3275

We also did a lot of tree and shrub trimming... another thing that has been neglected for quite a while.  Now there is actually sunlight shinning through in several area's of our yard.  It never fails when we moved here there were no trees and now we've got too many and its getting over grown.


Once we finished up what we could in the yard the air condition was calling to me and I came in to get some indoor projects done, while Joel still has all the grass mowing and trimming yet to do.

Last night I started reading the book LUCKY.  Wow, this was a tough one right from the beginning and part of the reason I didn't get to bed early.

Also keeping me up...I finally ordered my BLURB!  It took me quite a while to put it together and I think I ended up with almost 400 pages in the book and this was just my blog from graduation back to October of last year!  Once I get it, I might make another and go farther back in my blog.  It sure is a lot of work though.  If you've never seen one check out this one

I also started working on another blurb book of poems.  Ones I've written over the years after losing Ryan, my father and Joe and even include some of the ones my aunt has written about my cousin Michael like the one here.  Then I can also add pictures and memories from other family members.


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