December 20, 2007

Got some wrapping done last night.  I don't know what I was waiting for but it was one of those things I just kept putting off.  Actually I felt like I got a lot done last night, so that was good.

Today I have to work and I'm meeting a friend for lunch.  It's the kids last day of school so Zach is making plans already to head over his friends house tonight.

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Metro Hospital.  My mom, sister, Chelsea and I are going there and to lunch.  Then Chel and Grandma want to go out for a while.  So I can come home and work on more projects.

Lynn and Don are going to be in town and either we are getting together with them Friday night or next Friday night - so I have to find out what works for everyone.  Lynn I worked with at Treasured Friends and Joel and Don became friends after meeting the first time.  The building we are running the business from we bought from them before they moved to Florida.

Well I should get this house together, amongst other things!

Check out my friend Lisa's blog - a year in a review.  What a great idea! 

I want to do this but since my hard drive crashed I don't have pictures from each month till I figure out if they can be saved??


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