Every new beginning comes with some other beginnings end....

June 14, 2009

a line from a song that rings so true...

So many changes in our lives and so many more to come.  

Chelsea finished her summer school history class so her summer has finally begun. She dreaded taking it so soon after school had ended but is thrilled that she is done and did well!

We are counting down to our beach vacation!  Hilton head Island is a place we've been going since before we had kids.  My parents had a condo there and gave each of us kids a week a year to visit.  Joel and I fell in love with the place and continued to go whenever possible.  We found another condo near where my dad's was and know the island well. We haven't been to Hilton Head since the summer of 2003, a year of loss as I remember it;  Joel had lost his job, we had lost my brother...  and while there is no getting over the loss of my brother, the job loss truly was a blessing in disguise, since it is what pushed Joel into starting his own business.

My brother in law Tony is moving to Florida in July, a bittersweet thought in itself.  While we don't want him to go, we know this could be a new beginning for him since losing his job. Yesterday we attended the Founder's Day play which he played a police officer in.  (funny since his father, grandfather, uncle and cousin were/are all police officers)  The plays always tell a truthful, though funny story of an alcoholic and finding his way to AA.  After 3 years of attending these plays, this was my personal favorite!
Chelsea, Mom and Zach, on our way to the play
Chel and I got some looks while taking a picture in the bathroom...
Love this picture of Joel and the kids!
Joel's family
Chelsea and Uncle Tony
Joel and two of his 3 brothers
Love this picture of Chel and Zach

On Wednesday Zach will be turning 15!

It's hard to believe it was 15 years ago that I was at the doctors for a check up, being told to head to the hospital because they wanted to induce me, while the OJ Simpson slow speed car chase was playing on the television above me...


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