Emergency Room

October 3, 2009

This kid has gone from never getting hurt to two trips to the emergency room within a few weeks of each other!

I got the call yesterday morning just before leaving for work that Zach had hurt his thumb and I might want to come get him.  I wondered just how bad can a thumb be?  Until I got there and Oh my... the thumb is bad... it is facing the wrong direction!


So back off to the emergency room we go!  After taking xrays one of the doctors comes in to tell us it looks like its dislocated but they will wait for the xray to come back, and just then another doctor comes in and says its broke!

Since he is 15 and the break was at the growth plate they wanted us to go to a pediatric orthopedic doctor, they called and got us in with Dr. Fleissner at the Crystal Clinic in Akron and he was awesome!  He kinda reminded me of Dana Carvey... lol

We brought the xray from Medina General and they took off the splint for the doctor to examine his hand.  He then explained to Zach what they had to do to reset it and what his options were... poor kid!  He explained that even if they numbed him there was still going to be pain.  I think I was in more pain just watching Zach as they numbed it and once he straightened it, it was heartbreaking for a mom... both the doctor and Zach asked if I had heard it snap back into place.... ewww, no I didn't...

I knew the color of the cast before he was even told he had a color choice, and how nice they are now that you can shower with them and everything else!


And so since the doctor told us not to have lunch until Zach had the finger reset it was now almost 5pm, so we decided Applebees was going to be our choice for our lunch/dinner.

Good thing I caught a picture of him just the day before doing handstands, its going to be a while until he's doing them again!



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