Easter day

March 24, 2008

We did Easter a little bit different this year.  We added the February and March birthday celebration to the day.  Since February & March seemed to be such a busy month we were running out of days.

We still did the usual clues for the kids to work together and find everyone's baskets.  They always have fun doing this and are real good sports about it.  Each kid reads a clue and they all go together to find the basket and the next clue is in that basket.

IMG_1871Eight of them went into the bathroom solving the first clue and getting the basket, including Uncle Gordon. 

The first clue read:  You scraped your knee you said "boo hoo" Where the band-aids are you'll find clue #2

Then they opened the envelope and read the next clue which took them to Shawn's basket.  Clue two: Lets begin with an easy clue to start you on your way the genie from Aladdin comes out of a _______.  They found this one in the family room near the lamp.

Clue three: The next clue is near now on this I'd like to bet because if they stay here much longer they're liable to get wet - which was in the shower

...And so on until all the baskets were found



The kids playing the wii - Jane, mom, David and Tasha

23 24

David, Jane, Tony and Joel            Debbie, Mom and Tina

Then we had the kids all go into the den while we hid a bunch of eggs for them to find.  It took us 7 adults quite a while to hide all the eggs throughout the house.  I have a feeling I'll be finding some eggs for a while!



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