Each day is proving to be

February 21, 2008

more fun than the next and yesterday kept up with that pattern as the most fun we have had so far.

We began our day at Animal Kingdom with half our group. Terry and Lisa and their family headed over to Magic Kingdom for the day and we met up with them later. In our group at Animal Kingdom the first thing we wanted to do was the Safari ride and remember my poor nephew Shawn going through surgery and needing a wheel chair? Well at Disney it has its benefits because it gets you first in line! Because of his handcap we walked right through the long line and boarded the safari bus ride to begin our day. What a blast with the animals crossing right in front of us... even though I forgot the battery to my big camera, I think we still got lots of awesome shots.

After the safari ride we headed to some of the roller coasters for the kids, again they got right on and did this ride several times. During our stay at Animal Kingdom amongst other things we also saw It's tough to be a bug and the Lion King shows - both AWESOME!

After the kids got a couple souveniers we split up with Deb and Gordon and family who heading to Downtown Disney while we went to meet up with Lisa and Terry at Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom is always one of my favorites with all the buildings and of course Cinderella's castle! Before meeting up with Terry and Lisa we did the Buzz Lightyear ride, the Monsters Inc and the kids met up with Buzz himself. Finally we headed to the Castle and with cell phones managed to meet up with Lisa and Terry and found out Deb and Gordon were back at Magic Kingdom, we all met up again. Since we were all wearing our tshirts Chel had made we decided to get a group picture.

After several more rides we needed to get our pictures and get out of Magic Kingdom to our dinner at the Polynesian Resort. Unfortunatly for all of us we thought getting our cars was a good idea before the show. Needless to say not one car or two cars but all 3 of us got lost. It took us each a while to find our way back to the resorts all being extremely stressed as we headed for our show. Before we were seated we had another group picture taken and by the time we got to our seats we all needed a drink.

At the dinner Gordon was sure to tell the waiter about Shawn's birthday on Sunday and of course Terry's birhday which was in January. Shawn went up on stage when they announced all the kids with birthdays and Terry ended up leading the dessert parade (which lets just say he wasn't too thrilled about) even though we were all laughing so hard as we watched him walk through the crowd with a hat we later described as a popcorn holder! Terry I'm sure will spend the rest of our trip looking to get revenge on Gordon!!!

The show was amazing and a great finale for our evening. We headed back home and with a couple glasses of wine re-lived our evening together sharing all the laughs!

Today is Universal for us all and Blue Man group this evening for the guys and Chelsea... I'll be back!


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