Doesn't if feel good

March 1, 2008

When you feel like you've accomplished a lot in a days time?  It sure does for me.

I started my day cleaning my bedroom since I decided to move some of the furniture from the family room into the bedroom and move things out from the bedroom.  Needless to say our room was a mess. 

But then I was sidetracked chatting on the phone with my sister and checking things online.  Like this awesome project from Shimelle.  Different journal prompts for the month of February which I'm sure you could apply anytime.

Then I decided to go into work for a couple hours and got all my accounts reconciled and accounts payable and payments entered so I'm ready to get some invoicing done next week.  Just trying to get caught up from that vacation time off and a few snow days.

Came home to meet up with my mom and go out to Audrey's Attic.  We stopped and grabbed a coffee and headed out. 

My intentions at Audrey's was to look for a new floor lamp for the family but I was quickly sidetracked when I fell in love with this shower curtain.  I know how can you fall in love with a shower curtain??? But I did!  Which I will be sure to post pictures of tomorrow.

I thought I saw Nicole at Audrey's but since I've only seen her on her blog and have never met her I wasn't sure???  So I didn't want to sound like a crazy woman asking if she was Nicole... turns out IT WAS!  Goes to show I Shoulda asked!

While at Audrey's I also picked up some flowers since they were 40% off!  Remember the box I filled at Christmas?  Here's to looking for spring!

17_thumb%5B1%5D_1.jpg 11_thumb%5B3%5D_1.jpg

I also received my pictures from scrapbook pictures - a bunch of pictures!!!  In that batch was a picture of Chelsea which I got several copies of to make this awesome favor for her 18th birthday which my good friend Val shared with me.  We were talking about favors to make for graduation (since we both have seniors!) and she shared this dittie with me!!!

Here's the picture I ordered with the Karen Russell narratives birthday printed on the top


Here's the adorable favor - sour cream pack!


I think I'm going to have to make these at graduation too!!!


So I'd call that a pretty productive day!


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