Does History repeat itself ??

April 27, 2008

Recently I was reading a book written by one of my father's cousins.  Its about my great grandparents and when they came to America. 

My great grandfather arrived from Poland in 1903 with $6 to his name and the clothes on his back.  My great grandmother arrived from Poland in 1905 with $40 to her name and the clothes on her back. 

My great grandparents met in America.  The store goes into many details and I've read it once before back in the 90's.  A lot has happened since then and what caught my attention was many similar things about my great grandfather and my brother Joe.

  • My great grandfathers name was Joseph as was my brother Joe
  • My great grandfather's middle name was Valentine my brother Joe was born on Valentine's day.
  • My great grandfather died in September from a rock slide in a coal mine he was 37 years old.
  • My brother Joe died in September from an aneurysm he was 37 years old.



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