Doctor day

January 27, 2014

Thursday was a long, emotional and educational day...

We headed out early with the plans of Gordon working a half day and me spending some time with both Deb and my mom after the early morning appointments. Meeting in Strongsville seemed the best option to work for each of our plans.

Taking my trailblazer is always easier for Deb to get in and out of but this morning was torture driving on the highway to meet up with them, in the dark  the washer fluid froze up and the roads making just enough mist to smear the windshield made visibility fruitless.  Deciding to take Gordons car to now find ourselves stuck in horrific traffic as we inched our way downtown. I called ahead to let our first appointment know we were going to be late.


The appointments consist of a neurologist, Dr. Stevens and several appointments with radiation specialist, Dr. Chow, including prep for radiation, information discussion and preparation of the mask.  

Before Dr. Stevens we met with a doctor and nurse practitioner who were very knowledgeable of Deb's history. Reminding both Gordon and I of all the things Deb went through in ICU, including the rash from an allergy to seizure meds. Once we've covered her history and any questions we may have it is time to meet with Dr. Stevens.


From the moment he came into the room I liked Dr. Stevens,  his easy going mannerisms and genuine concern for Debbie put me quickly at ease. He discussed all of Deb's medicines and including starting to wean her off some. We also discussed some neurological testing for Debbie which will begin after radiation so that we can see what areas need the most work and in what ways we can help her! He was positive, hopeful and helped me see that light at the end.

Now all the radiation planning and education begins. Deb is getting nervous and begins to cry. Both Gordon and I try to console her and remind her this is just a planning appointment and nothing else is going to happen. Cheerfully Deb returned after the mask preparation was completed, got changed and now we were back for the education part of planning.

We were all getting cranky since our day began so early and it was approaching 1pm.   Hungry, tired and mentally drained, especially Deb who went through several unsuccessful struggles to insert IV for a contrast scan, until they decided they would use previous scans to develop their plan.

Throughout it all we watched the snow continue to fall outside knowing our drive back would be as eventful as our drive down. With the lake effect snow and busy downtown streets the drive back was daunting. Leaving none of us with any ambition for the rest of the day.

We decided Friday we would try again

my nephew Shawn tries to update when possible... you can find those posts here. Or in my blogs I visit under searching for a former clarity.



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