August 3, 2014

Finally finding peace...

The adventure was one I took on my own, with my own thoughts, memories and dreams. It was one I needed, to face demons that have  haunted me throughout my progress in life and grief. Although I had many friends, my writing and therapy guiding me, it was ultimately my decision to end the difficulty I had been going through and move towards all the good and positive things that are my life.


Sometimes some of the toughest lessons make the most sense are when you look back and other lessons need you to just look forward and move forward. I had to begin looking forward, especially when there is so much good in front of me, and so many bigger life decisions that required my attention.


They say, "hurt people, hurt people" - and we have all had a person in our life that hurt us, with no remorse for their actions and no compassion. Some people are so damaged they don't see beyond themselves and some its just an illness that you have to learn to accept. I had to finally walk away, realizing some never look at themselves or their actions, only point fingers elsewhere. 


Gordon reminded me of the things that are of importance, remembering things that matter and things that are unimportant in life. People that matter in your life, are there to help lift you. Others are there to teach you, and the sooner you learn the lessons and let them go, the better off you are.


Forgiveness is necessary to move through some of the painful memories of life, knowing that what you received after that time of obscurity was well worth the darkness.

Recently reading Michelle Knights book was another wake up to the evil some people endure in this life and are still able to find forgiveness and a positive direction to continue on. The monster that held her captive and tortured her for eleven years never apologized and killed himself after serving less than a month in prison. If she can find her way through such tragic events, can't we all?


I know that life is peaks and valleys and we all go through some form of heartache at all points in our life. Its never easy when your going through the tough times, but when you are at the peak again many lessons are learned when looking at the valley behind you.



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