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June 17, 2008

If you Google the word elgoog which is google backwards - then all your searches will come back backwards.  Kind of funny!  And who would guess I learned that from my kid? 

Happy Birthday to Zach who is 14 today!

Today, June 17th is Zach's birthday!  After bowling and some birthday shopping he will pick the restaurant of his choice that we will enjoy for dinner...


  1. Yes, Zach the kid I had during the OJ Simpson low speed chase
  2. Who told me when UPS arrived to make a delivery that the FBI was here
  3. Who didn't learn to talk until he was over 3 yrs old
  4. Who LOVED Abraham Lincoln and dressed up like him at Halloween 
  5. The one the pre school teacher forgot outside (twice)
  6. Always a quiet, shy and easy going
  7. No matter how frustrated he gets, you can always make him laugh! 
  8. The child whom I wanted prior to turning 30, that arrived 9 days before
  9. The killer of all creepy insects when dad's not home
  10. A huge fan of Frankenstein as a kid - another Halloween costume
  11. The kid who would wear pj's every day of the week if he could
  12. Always a great artist
  13. loves playing  Xbox 360
  14. Has the most wonderful contagious laugh - you hear him and you'll be laughing too!


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