Dementia - learning as we go

April 12, 2013

We are still discovering the awful disease of dementia. Sometimes we can find the humor in things, like this recent conversation she had with my brother....


If the mom asks her son 6 times what kind of cookies he would like, and the son replies six times, chocolate chip. What kind of cookies does the son get???

I had guessed peanut butter, others said oatmeal...

... apple pie, the correct answer is apple pie!


Top Row: Uncle Jim, Grandma, Mom, Debbie, Joe and Jennifer

Bottom Row: Dad, Rob, Tina and Joel

It is our life right now, and we are learning how to deal with it the best way possible with the sadness of a new reality sinking in quickly! I can't help but wonder, where did it all go, and how did it go by so quickly?

Right now I'm learning that spending time with her, even in this state is the best thing I can do for her. And today after taking her to art class and seeing her light up, I knew I was finally heading in the right direction of doing whats best for her.



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