Deer Season

October 24, 2010

Chelsea always got the talk from her father... "watch for deer" whenever leaving the house, so often she joked about it because she said according to dad its always deer season.

On Friday night after coming home to work a shift at Giant Eagle she headed back to college.  At almost 10pm when things were quieting down at home and I was ready to grab my kindle and do some reading the phone rang...

It was Chelsea and I could hear the panic and upset in her voice, though I couldn't get enough audible words to know what she was trying to tell me.  She was crying which made me cry, something I think all parents would do when they hear the hurt and fear in their child. But I need to find out what's wrong so I can begin to help her.  Joel is up out of his chair with the anxiety of knowing something is wrong, but not knowing what.


Finally I got enough out of her to know she hit a deer, Joel then took the phone to talk to her, telling her to get out of her car and away from it.  I ran to tell Zach we were leaving and Chels was in an accident, for which he had no plans of staying home and waiting to see what happened, he was going with us.

I was urging Joel off the phone so we could call her on a cell phone and get driving.  I wanted to fly... anything to get there quickly

Finally we are driving and talking with her periodically as more police would show up.  Luckily there was an ambulance right behind her when the accident happened and some drivers stopped to make sure she was okay.  Four police cars arrived and directed traffic and had her get in one of their cars.

She wasn't shaking from being cold, she later told me, but from nerves.  They wanted her to go to the hospital, but at the time she felt fine.  I think her nerves had taken over.


It's an hour plus drive to her school and she was almost back, in that time they towed her car away and the police took her back to the station until we could get there.  Her poor boyfriend was at work and had no idea all this was going on. 

Finally we found the police station and her and were all reunited!  She started aching as they say happens to most people shortly after the accident and her head was hurting so we knew our next stop was going to be at the hospital. 

We got to the emergency room, they got her in quickly and did the necessary x-rays and we waited.  By this time Ben arrived and waited with the boys while we were already back with the doctor.  They gave her Vicodin and a couple of prescriptions and sent us on our way.

They had first said her vehicle was totaled and the tow truck driver thought for sure she had rear ended a big truck until the police told him it was a deer.  

This morning I read this article on deer in Ohio and continuing to thank God that she is okay!



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