Decorating the tree

December 16, 2007

We had a blast decorating the tree last night!  Finally got to it

  It was nasty weather, everyone was home so I turned on the Christmas music and we all began to dance and sing as we hung the ornaments on the tree.  Chelsea got into some hilarious dancing which put some of us out of business as we were on the floor laughing.  But soon we got back to it and filled the tree with ornaments.

  I love when we do this and the kids can pull out memories and remember when they got certain ornaments.  Or I would tell them about why they picked their ornaments.  Even some of Ryan's ornaments we would share stories about.  I hope they remember this night forever because it sure was good times and that's the fun part of the season we need to remember!

1%20Chel%20and%20Ornament%2012-07_thumb. 4_thumb.jpg

2%20zach%20and%20orna%2012-07.jpg 18_thumb.jpg

3%20shag%20and%20orn%2012-07.jpg 19_thumb%5B1%5D.jpg

11%20chel%20and%20Ben%2012-07_thumb.jpg 12a_thumb.jpg


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