December 26 days of ABC's

November 28, 2008

With Monday already being December 1st, I was thinking this December of doing the 26 days of December in photographs, trying to find something to represent each letter of the alphabet on its corresponding date on the calendar.  Here is a list of the words I thought of in advance to try and make this a bit easier.   Hopefully with this busy time of the year I can keep up?

December 1  - A    Angel, advent, animals

December 2  - B    Bells, baking, bows, believe

December 3  - C    Candle, chimney, cards, coal

December 4  - D    Dinner, donkey, dessert, donations

December 5  - E     Elves, eggnog

December 6  - F     family, friends, fireplace, frosty

December 7  - G     gifts, green, guests, game, grinch

December 8  - H     hugs, ho ho ho

December 9  - I      icicles, ivy, iced cookies

December 10 - J     Joy, Jesus, jingle, jolly

December 11 - K     kissing, keepsake, kids,

December 12 - L     lights, letters to santa, lists

December 13 - M     mistletoe, mice, merry, manger, memories

December 14 - N     Noel, naughty, nice

December 15 - O     ornaments, opening

December 16 - P     presents, parties, popcorn, patience

December 17 - Q     quilts, quiet time

December 18 - R     reindeer, red, ribbons, rudolph

December 19 - S     santa, sleigh, shopping, snowman, snow, star, secrets, stockings

December 20 - T     tree, tinsel, toys, traditions

December 21 - U     unity, utopia,

December 22 - V     vacations, velvet, visitors

December 23 - W     wreath, wrapping paper, waiting

December 24 - X      xmas

December 25 - Y     yarns, yule-tide, yams

December 26 - Z     zooming, zealous, zeal


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