Day one

February 15, 2008

Ahhh, what could be better than a family vacation?  Its been a while since we've taken one (at least a long one) that's for sure! The kids are so excited - and that's what its all about, right?  Spending time with family!!!

A trip planned with my sister and her family, my brother in law and my best friend and her family, what more could you ask for!  I can't believe it is here, all that planning we have been doing for a year is now coming to a reality.

Joel had a tough time leaving his "baby" (the company) - but after I picked him up last night I think he's ready to go.  There are equipment auctions in Florida for the entire month of February so he's going to try and hit those a couple of the days that we are there.

I also had to take the dog for boarding, and that was tough.  I just HATE to leave him, and so do the kids.  I know they take good care of him, but I'll miss my man!

Several of us are bringing lap tops with us so I hope to update and upload pictures whenever possible...


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