Crossed most things off my list today

May 31, 2008

Well its actually tomorrow already and I probably should be in bed?

Just finished ironing the gown for commencement, one of the things that I didn't have written on my list...

1.  Worked with my kit today and had a blast!  For some reason things were just   flowing for me most of the day with this kit! 

Here's the theme of the album I did








2.  Did some cleaning

3.  Took Zach to a birthday party

4.  worked in the yard edging some of the beds

5.  worked with my kits

6.  baked a cake for treats

7.  worked on making treats

They didn't come out great, though they didn't come out too bad either?



8.  Watched LOST - and wow was it great!  I love having the DVR and taking a 2 hour show into 1 1/2 hrs or less!

The only thing I didn't get to during the day was my reading...



Joel also brought home his new toy tonight.  Something he's wanted for a long time and with all the rain we've had this year he's needed it more than ever.  Since our big tractor is just too heavy for the grass when there's so much rain.





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