Crazy nights around here?

September 13, 2007

Tuesday night after reading my book for a bit I fell asleep.  The window was opened to let the cool air in.  In fact it was the first time we'd opened the windows in quite a while since the air is usually running.

Joel had fallen asleep on the couch so it was just the dog and I asleep in the bed.  I was in a sound sleep when all of a sudden I heard something LOUDLY scrape across our screen, like someone was trying to cut it?  I FREAKED... jumping out of the bed on the opposite side of the window, ran out and woke my husband.

We turned every outdoor light on and looked around the yard (just off the deck because I wouldn't let him go any further).  My heart was racing and I never felt that much fear in the 15 years we have lived in this house!

The rest of the night I barely slept - we kept the lights on outside and in the morning went out to investigate by the screen.  We couldn't see any obvious signs of someone or something being there, but we could see a shiny scrape that indented into the house like something has recently gone across the screen.

Now I don't want to live in fear but I also don't want to be naive.  So we told the kids, but we just want them to be cautious in their actions.  I can't believe someone would try to break in, but that's not to say it couldn't have been?  Joel keeps trying to convince me that it must have been an animal?  I don't know what to think???


Chelsea calls us when she is leaving work to tell us that the bank had been robbed in the grocery store while she was there working.  The guy held out a gun and they gave him all the money.  They were told to just act casual as he walked out of the store and then the place was filled with police from all surrounding areas and they began to watch the surveillance tapes?

What is up with the world?  We are in a small town... I just don't get it?


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