Counting down to birthdays

February 4, 2009

February is the shortest month yet for our family it has the most birthdays.  Starting with my sister the 6th, Joel the 7th, my Uncle Rick is also the 7th, Brother in law Tony 9th, Brother Joe's was 14th, nephew Shawn 24th.

So needless to say we got some planning going on.  Friday Deb my mom and I are planning lunch and some shopping of her choice.  (Either Perfectly Charming and Audrey's attic or Archiver's and Michael's in Fairlawn)

Saturday during the day is Trish's crop, which is always a blast and Saturday night is Joel's birthday and we have a night out with family and friends planned and a few other surprises!
I started digging out pictures today for the crop and Zach and I were talking a out old songs and albums and I told him I probably have some downstairs.  We found lots of albums including one from the Buzzard morning Zoo, an old radio station morning show, Pink Floyd the Wall album, Eagles, J.Geils Band, Foreigner and so many more.  Zach wants to frame some and hang them in his bedroom like his cousin Shawn.  What a blast from my past to find these!

Our poor kitty has had to spend the last few days at the vet to find out if she has an infection or not.  Since she has come home she seems exhausted and stressed out. She's never been away like that.  She did have an infection and had to get a shot.  I think we are both hoping she doesn't have to go back anytime soon.


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