Counting down

June 24, 2008

to my birthday and I hope I'm feeling a whole lot better by then?  My arms are still covered with poison ivy and its even gone so far as to my face now!  Yuck!

I got this pretty good feeling that Joel ordered my wide angle lens for my birthday, since he was asking lots of questions about it, although I have to admit he was quite shocked at the price?

We are supposed to go camping with a big group of friends this weekend, and hopefully the weather outlook gets better than what they are saying right now, but regardless with this group, I'm sure we'll have a ball!

Tomorrow is my nephew Cameron's 15th birthday.  He and Zach are cousins and best buds and are just over 1 year apart.  Cameron was born just months after losing Ryan so his name (Cameron Ryan Kenneth) is in memory of Ryan and my father.

Happy 15th Birthday Cameron

5 9

still playing with my Work in Progress kit and of course another mini album.  With all the patriotic items in the project kit I decided to do a mini on 911.  Something I have wanted to do but have never done, until now. 

Here's a peek...



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