March 24, 2014


When I first heard that word I was thinking of Elmer Fudd saying something and yet  reading it in a report on Deb and again on a brain injury website I learned it is a real word and a real disorder with TBI.

  • Occasionally, a person with a brain injury tries to fill in memory gaps by making up information. Known as “confabulation,” this behavior is different than lying. Do not try to argue with, tease or punish your loved one for this. Point out the truth in a calm, matter-of-fact way, and quickly move on. 

I'm sure many of you that have spent time with Deb have heard the stories she weaves about life both past and present, some of which have a glimmer of truth behind them. Deb has always been a story teller making the stories of our youth, a comedy for those who listen.


Most days Deb and I have a lot of fun together, a lot of her fun personality fully intact. However in many other ways she is not the sister I once had, she is not able to stay on task with most things and I must distract her when she lingers in one memory for too long. Usually the mention of our father being over or he and my mom not speaking, of which neither are true since he passed away in 1998. Other times its some other part of our family history which she mixes past and present together.

Gordon and I are transitioning to the next phase, yet we are not even sure what the next phase is? Researching what areas can help Deb best while navigating through a life we were never aware of, one that doesn't  have a time frame for recovery.

This week there is more testing, meetings and support groups to attend. Hopefully giving us more insite to what the future holds and how we can help Debbie reach new goals.

My kindle library is full of every recommended book on brain injury and recovery and Gordon searches daily for the next step best for Deb. We are learning as we go and I really wish there was more aide for families that are dealing with TBI. 


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