Cleveland Indians

October 16, 2007

 Another Awesome Game!


OMG!  I get nothing done once that game starts, I can't pull myself from the screen.  And what an awesome game it was!  When Lofton hit that homerun  everyone was cheering, I was screaming - although my family is used to my baseball enthusiasm.  It was so fun just watching the fans in the stadium and around downtown Cleveland!  image%7B0%7D_thumb%5B1%5D.png.jpg



Just because something is cheap isn't always a good thing.

while reading the book A year without "made in China" it has really hightened my senses to checking the labels on the things I purchase and trying to be more conscious of them.  It says that 90% of the items in Target's $1 spot are "made in China" and sure enough when I went through there today to pick up stuff for Halloween I seen it with my own eyes.  All the buckets "made in China", lighters "made in China", toys "made in China" - While I don't know if I'm going to follow the book and try and survive in a world without anything made in China for a year, I sure am going to make more decisions based on the fact of where things are made.  image%7B0%7D%5B8%5D.png.jpg


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