Cleaning out your house

July 25, 2007

 Can be good for you in many ways!

Recently I got a bug to get some rooms in my house uncluttered.  Starting with my bedroom I went through drawers, cabinets, closets you name it I went through it.  Not only did it feel good when I was done, in fact it felt awesome to have several bags ready for goodwill, garbage and to give to friends.  It makes that room so much easier to keep up with. 

However, in  this process I found some film negatives in my drawer.  By holding them up to the light I could see they were pictures of Ryan.  I couldn't believe how I stumbled upon these?  Was there a reason for me to come across these now?

I took them up to the local photo lab and ordered prints of everyone.  On Monday I got to see those prints.  Some amazing pictures of Ryan interacting with us all.  He and dad with matching jeans on, Ryan and Chelsea taking a bath together.  It flooded me with wonderful memories of days gone by.

This year, February will mark 15 years since we lost Ryan.  He has been gone longer than he was here, and yet he has left a profound mark on so many lives, including my own.

The excavating of my room unearthed some wonderful memories that I will cherish forever.

off to clean some more...


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