Cleaning out the garage

November 13, 2007

Yesterday we cleaned out the garage so Chelsea could park her car in the garage along with mine so she doesn't have to scrape snow and ice in the winter.  While we were trying to clean out, we needed to move the basketball hoop.  Zach said he could do it.  What I didn't know was how Zach was going to move it.


He had to climb up the pole then reach out for the basket and grab onto the basket, and then hang until his weight brought the basket down so he could move it.  I just cracked up at the sight of this, but then thought that was pretty cool how he figured that out!










I watched the Biggest Loser tonight and they got rid of Amy!  thank goodness - I just could not believe how sneaky and back stabbing she has been this whole show. I didn't like that at all.  Looking forward to next weeks episode.


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