Christmas shopping and fun night out...

November 17, 2007

Yesterday I got to do some Christmas shopping - both traditional go to the store shopping and received some of my online shopping purchases.

I wanted to make this Christmas unique to others.  I didn't want to run around and just buy anything to mark names off my list.  I really want to either make something, find something unique or both. 

So far I've purchased a calendar online from Shutterfly for both my mom and mother in law.  It just came and its beautiful.  I put all the grandkids, kids, cousins, etc birthdays on it - made each month about different past events in pictures, etc.  really cute.

The other thing I got was these cool postage stamps for again my mom and mother in law.  I'm going to split each set so they have some of each.  This is actual postage they can use.




I also picked up something for my sister, Chel and Ben but since they might read this blog I can't get into detail. 

I think my goal to have my shopping done will be the first week of December.  That's just outside shopping not any handmade gifts... lets see if I can do it...

Last night we went out to Molly McGees in Strongsville for a fund raiser for Brendan. We had a good time visiting with everyone. They had a couple raffles and one was for a "tree' of beer. Rob and Mimi won that! I'm sure there going to have it for a long time!


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