Chelsea at 19...

September 13, 2009

  1. She is outgoing and fun to be around
  2. She loves to work out and makes healthy choices
  3. She is an exercise science major
  4. She loves chicken and could eat it every day, in fact she might?
  5. She loves being in color guard
  6. She was born at exactly 7 am and has always been an early riser
  7. She's adventurous and not afraid to try something new
  8. She lights up a room when she enters
  9. She loves being with her family
  10. She can always make us laugh
  11. She and I are best buds!
  12. She makes positive changes and doesn't look back
  13. She can't help but say aweee to all animals and little old men
  14. She's traveled to Chicago, California and Colorado just this year
  15. She is in a sorority
  16. She sets goals and achieves them
  17. She has learned many tough lessons and grew stronger
  18. She's lost her brother, uncle, 2 grandfathers, 2 friends all before turning 14 and knows how important family is
  19. She loves Biggest Loser and it can usually bring her to tears
  20. She is my middle child



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