Change is good

September 18, 2014


I have such a indigestible dismay of standing out in public? Never have I been one with an appetite to be the center of attention, in fact, that is why I write. Where I can conceal myself from the outside world while tapping away my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Recently I attended a writers forum which honestly launched me beyond my comfort zone. I knew going there was a big step since I was going by myself to a place where I knew nobody! Eeek!

As I approached my destination the butterflies reminded me of my fight or flight options, but I knew I needed this, change is when we learn the most. To grow we need to try new things, sometimes feeling the fear and discomfort strengthens us, and there will always be a lesson attached.


Ready for some growth in my writing I walked through the doors to meet a group of strangers who shared my love of writing. This group has been meeting for years and I was lucky to come across them. We started the evening with some writing calisthenics, and some even chose to read them aloud for the group... nope not there yet


Appropriately for me there was wine involved to help alleviate the stage fright. Why did I assume all these writers would be the "quiet type" like myself? During a break I nervously filled the pages of my journal with random thoughts of my irrational fears. Acting busy, or so I thought until the writer situated nearby began to pepper me with questions of my writing. Apparently my disguise no longer working I began a real conversation with another inspiring writer and you know what... he didn't bite! In fact, he had me laughing as we shared writing stories.

Over time talking with a select few and continuing my writing opened me up to realize the need for more variety in my writing, sometimes only writing about the sadness in my life I am not moving away from it.

Our lives are filled with peaks and valleys, blessings always abundant and sorrow never absent. But when we expose ourselves to something new, so many great things can come from it!

Peace and progress


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