Camping Weekend

June 4, 2007

Well I must admit, at first I was a bit skeptical about the whole camping experience.  My first requirements were being up off the ground.  No tent camping for me.  Then to get more specific there needed to be bathroom facilities along with a shower.  So once all these requirements were met, we planned our first weekend out.

I must say the experience was much more fun than anticipated, and although the shower wasn't the greatest experience, it did the job so what more can I ask for?  And thank goodness Kelly had the forethought to bring extra biodegradable toilet paper since I had no idea it was required?  Now that wouldn't be a good way to start the weekend out!

Our first night in before Tim, Scott and the others helped Joel get the camper set up I was searching for a drink!  See, we just hauled this 28' camper behind our truck up and down hills, around corners and then arriving at the camp to find the enormous hill we would now have to ascend to get to our site.  It was not a good feeling!

Once everything was in place we were ready to begin our weekend.  First on Zach's mind was making a hobo pie, something he has made on a regular basis when just he and Joel go on their camping trips.  This is when we first started realizing the things we had forgotten like cheese.

All in all the weekend was filled with drinks, food, laughter, canoe rides (10 miles), go karts, mini golf and friends.  I'd say that's a lot to enjoy on a weekend away.


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