Breakfast in Kent and more

August 24, 2008

So today we made plans to go out to breakfast with Ben and Chelsea, Joel, Zach, Lisa, Rich and Rose. We met in Kent at 9am and enjoyed breakfast and hearing of their stories during the time they've been adjusting to their new surroundings.

After breakfast we headed back over to the dorms - we wanted to check out Ben's dorm which he decorated so well with maps all over it. We also brought the kids some treats and water.

Chelsea then took us on a tour of Kent. We went around to not only see the buildings which her classes will be held, but into the grocery store diner that's located in the basement of her dorm (she doesn't even have to step outside to go to the diner), the site of the Kent State shootings, and some other neat areas of the University. We also jumped in the car and headed over to the stadium.

She is going through so many changes in her life and I find myself happy for her but nervous all the same...








and I cried the whole way home... oh this is so tough!


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