Bittersweet memories

May 9, 2008

and tears..

Warning... picture heavy and memory loaded post

So here is a small portion of the photos I found that were put away in another cabinet. I haven't seen them in quite a while.  Especially since losing my brother and always looking for pictures of him.  Joel and I went through these two boxes and couldn't believe all the memories within them.

But finding these was also tough and bittersweet.  It made me realize all the sadness that has happened in my life.  I mean I know a lot of people go through really tough lives and I've had a lot of good in my life too, but I can't help but wonder why I was to lose a son so young or a brother so young and even my father.  My kids have no grandfather's, they both passed away within a year of each other and neither were old?

So this post is for me and my family who remember all these memories though bittersweet...

For now, until I have the excitement of the prom to keep me content I'm going to wallow in my own self pity for a bit...

family picture family 2-28-98

The family together before losing Joe

Chel and Shawn

Finding pictures for a class we are doing with Trish prompted finding all these pictures.  The class we are doing is called "I wish" and you want to have birthday pictures to use in it.

(Chelsea, Shawn and Cameron)





I love this of my brother Joe. He's laughing at a picture of he and Debbie from another party that she gave him.




5th birthday 92 gramp gram and great gram 92

Joel and Tina 92


and who would ever know that the birthday you celebrate with your child will be their last one celebrated.



Ry and Chel Ryan

Chel, mom and Ryan 90 Rye & chel

Ryan and Auntie 2nd bday 90 Ryan age 2-1990


Ryan's 2nd birthday





Rye and Chel


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