Birthday party in May

May 30, 2008

My birthday is not officially until June but trying to get a day where everyone can get together before our summers get busy is usually tough.  Therefore Debbie at first without my knowing planned this all early.

Trish taught the class and is always a blast to hang out with.  The theme of the class was "I WISH" and was a birthday theme so we used birthday pictures from all different years.  In attendance were Lisa M, Joyce, Mary, Rose, Lisa H, mom, Deb and myself.

There were a lot of laughs, which for me accounted for my NOT completing my book and missing pages that they already had done.  But I had a blast and that's what matters. 

Deb, Mary and myself are also putting one of the books together as a gift for my aunt who is sick.  Mary did her part last night, Deb took it home and I'll finish it up when they are done so we can get it to her.

3 cookie tree2 cookie tree4 cake

The cookie tree was adorable!  I already ordered one for Chelsea's graduation!  The cake was delicious and there was a veggie tray and cheese and crackers which my mom brought.  I'd say that covers the 4 basic food groups!

 5 tables6 kit

tonight is our night out to see the Sex and the city premier!


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