Bentley / Chapter 1

June 3, 2015

Week 1

Everyone loves Bentley, his cute face, giant body and clumsy features make him look like an enormous stuffed teddy bear. And while we too love Bentley there are sides of him that are not often captured. The sides that make us re think that desire for a new puppy in our home, or the reminder of how hard it can be to train a dog. The creatively sneaky adventures he has taken us on as well as the laughter he brings to our days, oh yes, the laughter...

So after reading about kids live here and the realization that I will not be posting those photos because of my children now being adults who no longer leave the trails of childhood lying around, I decided I should document Bentley and his shenanigans ... and possibly remind some of you of the other side of getting a new puppy.

Sure he's sweet and fun and of course adorable, but we always capture those pictures. This is about the other side of the puppy, those things we forget to capture, those things we are busy cleaning up instead of snapping a picture of... yeah, those things!

So here we go.... the reminders we get each day that dogs live here

where are my pajamas?.... Bentley!


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