Being a Book FREAK!!

July 10, 2005

Wow no words could mean more to me than those I just read about reading books! I love reading and wonder sometimes if I'm obsessed with getting lost in books because not many of my friends are avid readers.

Then today I found this blog with these quotes and I swear they are my inner voice when people tell me they don't have time to read!

Recently I read this hilarious, brilliant post about reading, on the blog One Good Thing. The title of her post is Too Many Books Isn't Enough, which pretty much says it all right there. In the post the blogger lays bare her exasperation at people who have no interest in reading books:

If you don't read, how do you think? Through TV? Through gossip? If you don't read, how can I possibly relate to you? If you don't have a library, no matter how small, or a book splayed face down on your coffee table, how will I be able to see your brain?

That great post from One Good Thing really said it best, I think:
Books are what get you out in the world, show you around, take you to all the good party spots that haven't been overrun with tourists. Good books envelop you totally, not letting you up for air until they're certain you've heard everything they have to say. When they leave you, they close up some of your heart and mind in their pages and you have no choice but to keep them safe on your shelf.


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