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October 30, 2008

I was working on some projects with my November kit and though some are still in the works.  (Hence the name Work in Progress... ) I finished up a few for this months gallery.

It all started a couple weeks ago when driving with Zach this song came on the radio that I had heard and even purchased on itunes.  Actually the first time I heard it I believe was a GM commercial and then I searched for the song online until I found it.  The lyrics made me think of life... my life and it was then I decided to do a mini book using those lyrics. Of course not every word rings true, but the base of the song is about The Story of our lives and I love it.  So many times we scrapbook about everyone else and not ourselves.

Here's the song if you haven't heard it

The story

And here's a couple of my pages from my mini.  On one side I put the lyrics, and on the other side I would describe the pictures used.

1 wip nov the story 2wip story

3 wip story 4wip story


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