Back to school eve here...

August 26, 2008

Well tomorrow is Zach's first day at High School! So many changes going on for him; Chelsea gone at college, moving his bedroom, starting at high school, a girlfriend! I'm sure he will adjust easily to the changes. There is no busing so that means back to dropping off and picking up for me.

Still on the new car search... now I've strayed from looking at just the Trailblazer (even though I still love it). We are also looking at the Tahoe and Avalanche. However, depending on the cost, we might be right back with the Trailblazer.

Computer parts have been ordered so hopefully they will arrive quickly and I will get my computer back within the week. Maybe by then all the room remodeling will be done?

Cleaning out the house and getting ready for a garage sale on Thursday... last I heard the weather was going to be good? My sister and I have been talking about having one for over a year now. Finally we picked a date and planned for it.

With this long weekend ahead Chel will have that extra day to stay home. Plus she doesn't have classes on Tuesday so she doesn't need to race back Monday night! We are hoping to get in some time downtown at the Air Show, a pedicure and some shopping.

So I begin counting down to the weekend!


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