Awesome idea

April 6, 2010

So when Chelsea found out who her big was for her sorority they had to follow strings through the room until they got to the person holding the other end of string which was their BIG.  So I thought how about his Easter we tie strings to their baskets and wrap them all through the basement and when they get to the end they will find their basket!


Joel and I cracked up as we wove the different colored string over tables, under tables and around just about everything in the basement!  By the end it was like an aerobic workout making your way around the room.


By this time they were all laughing!  Cameron and Chelsea both got knots in their string and worked to get them out.  Shawn said he could have knitted a sweater at this point... but they all plugged on...


I think it was one of the best ways with the kids being older that we had them search for their baskets.  Everyone had a blast, the kids doing it and all the adults watching!


And with recent knee surgery I thought for sure this would be toughest for Emily, but it turned out she was the first one done!


It was fun watching them all work together to get through and being in my scrap room, not just grab a pair of scissors and cut their way through...


and in the end Emily finished first, then Amanda, then Shawn, then Zach, then Cameron and lastly were both Chelsea and Ben... but I think Ben secretly took his time since the less string there was, the easier it got!


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